About Dominotion

Dominotion is a brand new, fun, original and exciting dominoes based board game for friends, families and peers. In this game, you not only have to correctly match the number of dots of the dominoes, but also the colour of the dots too. There’s an eye-catching and uniquely designed board that’s filled with colour. You can play the introductory level as well as the easy, medium or hard levels. You can also mix and match the coloured squares to be able to enjoy playing over 120 different levels.

The aim of the game, at whichever level you play at, is to be able to be the first player to lay down all of your dominoes before the other players. Having completed one level, you can then choose to play at the same level or any level of your choice. Each level lasts between five and seven minutes. There are lovely, colourful squares that have special effects on them. The level that you choose to play at will determine the squares that have active special effects within that level.

About (The Founder)

This game is also a great educational tool and the introductory level is pitched to help children as young as three with their Maths skills and colour recognition by encouraging them to match some basic amounts and colours. There’s never a dull moment in this game that’s full of fun and adventure.

This game was created by Peter Marcus Mason. Having played the ‘Jamaican style’ version of dominoes as a youngster with his family and friends, he has now created a brand new version of the popular dominoes game. He has literally taken the game to a whole new level and has created an original version where you match the number of dots as well as the colour of the dots. Also, this new game introduces a totally brand new concept to us with a uniquely designed board that puts a fun spin on the traditional game. The traditional dominoes game has now been morphed into a multi-level board game and is very kid friendly. Therefore players of various ages can engage in this uniquely styled and innovative version.
Peter has overcome some major challenges in his life including being knocked down by a car and going into a coma several years back. He bounced back and maintains a positive attitude and a passion for life.

Peter went on to study Maths at degree level and his sheer love of numbers and games has spurred him on to create this fun-filled game that we can now enjoy.